tisloh danboyi

3D modeling and animation,

a commission project for Tisloh Danboyi's T-Shirt collection. I created 3D assets and rendered hyperrealistic visualizations in CLO 3D, utilizing provided graphics and product images.

provided product images

graphics designed and provided by Tisloh Danboyi

close up details of tag , color, stitching and fabric

With an overnight requested turnover time, I was able to 3D model Tisloh's garments and create clean, consistent product models. I also created their hyper-realistic fabric texture UV maps from images alone.


These images are used for marketing and selling his garments on his Instagram. With a general request for a falling clothing animation, I was able to render and capture motion in these t-shirts for animated product videos which are featured on his Instagram

sample marketing Instagram 

story that I made to the track Wally Wilder

my 3D models featured on 

Tisloh's design page of Instagram

mewtro 1.png
art with corset.png



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