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As a Creative Director, I had the opportunity to lead a collaborative effort in designing the concept for Sphene Studios' official website in three.js, With the founders' trust in my creative abilities, I was granted the freedom to craft a visually compelling 3D concept that showcased our software's unique augmented reality capabilities.

To further illustrate the power of Sphene, I designed a set of interactive holograms that showcased our brand's visual identity. I collaborated with a 3D modeler to bring my conceptual sketches to life and created visuals for each hologram.

Overall, this project was an incredible opportunity for me to showcase my creativity, collaborative spirit, and leadership abilities. The end result was a website that effectively showcased the power and potential of Sphene's augmented reality technology.

3JS Engineer, Lead Engineer: Albert Kovtoun, Steph Ng

UI Design: Vincent An

Drawing inspiration from our iPhone app's use of camera lens technology to augment 3D layers over physical objects, I proposed a website design that emulated this same experience by incorporating photo-real textures and models.


To achieve this, I requested a masking lens technique that allowed users to reveal a 3D hologram beneath a realistic model with the simple movement of a mouse cursor.

  • Hologram 1


  • a crystal Sphene hoodie with a Genesis embroidered patch, which emitted particle effects. This piece was modeled after a lotus-shaped crystal and perfectly captured our brand's unique visual identity.


  • Hologram 2


  • a concert T-shirt with a stylish graphic that revealed a 3D 'sphene' branded DJ turntable. The turntable spun and replayed a user's uploaded memory of the concert, all seamlessly integrated within the T-shirt itself.


  • Hologram 3


  • a ski trail jacket that not only tracked your skiing progress but also featured a beautiful 3D model of mountains, clouds, and weather that displayed live information and temperature.