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Drew these clothes four years ago! Today I can make them with no fabric. I can even make them dance!! Wishful Thinking by Benee

An animation I made on Cinema 4D alongside CLO3D, Kaledo Print, Mixamo, Procreate and iMovie (For lack of video editing softwares)! I have been working on trying to animate my garments to display more elevated concepts to my audience as a designer. Song is Floors by Abhi the Nomad.


A GIF I made of a canal in Amsterdam, Bloemgracht during my 3 month summer internship. I hand drew this with an Apple Pencil on Procreate.

A stop-motion I made by drawing 5 frames in ten minutes. Was thinking about all the people in New York City with umbrellas on the crowded sidewalks bouncing off one another as they hurry past each other. 

I was inspired by Bisqwik's new song A First Date! Learning new ways to express my ideas and creativity. This was done on my 13" iPad Pro!

Exploring Amsterdam, its culture and feminine flair with technical detailing.

mewtro 1.png

Footwear design and experiments in various mediums.

art with corset.png

A gamified fashion experience.

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