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I've worked as an equipment manager for

the Cincinnati Bearcats Football team for five years!


My name is Amanda.

I have interned in women's RTW fashion houses on the east coast and with cordwainers in the Netherlands and am eager to travel and grow creatively through exploring new cultures and work environments.

I utilize a combination of traditional design and craft skills alongside new and innovative technology for multidimensional visualization. My passion lies in immersive experiences and enhancing creative processes by combining disciplines and working through various mediums.

For over eight years, I have practiced apparel and footwear design with a focus on product development. I have an affinity for technology and design in 3D fashion, virtual reality, and PLM softwares. I would love it if you would check out my senior thesis!

My hope is to work in creative concept development, with a strong mentor who can push me to new levels of growth.

I love a good challenge!

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